Organise your Worship Team

No more photocopying, keep everything in Songlib

Share songs & setlists with your team:

  • Individual logins for each member of your team
  • Build a shared collection of songs.
  • Before each event, create & share a setlist with your team.

Keep synchronised while performing:

  • Use one device to control the current song, while other devices automatically follow.
  • If you are led to do an unplanned song, everybody following gets the new song!
  • Everybody is always on the same page!

Automatically change songs

While performing, your chords can automatically follow the leader.

Songlib lets one person be in control of the setlist. When they change song, so does everybody who is "following the leader". If the leader transposes the song, everybody else's songs transpose also.

Also controls the presenter

Yes, you heard right, the presenter is also updated if the controller changes song.

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