No hassle slideshows with Presenter

Great looking, auto-generated slideshow presentations.

Stop wasting time with Powerpoint

  • Slides are automatically generated from your chord charts.
  • Change to any song in your setlist or entire chord library.
  • Control the presentation from your music stand.

Uses your web-browser.

  • Windows / Mac / Linux - Use full screen mode (Usually F11)
  • iPad / Android tablets - Swipe between slides
  • PVR's / Smart TV's / Apple TV / Play Station 3 - Or any device with a modern web browser.
  • We plan to create a standalone, offline, Windows based version in the future.

Other software focuses first on the slideshow; chord charts are an afterthought. As a musician & worship leader, I need chord charts to be the focus. This is why I started Songlib.

Humphrey - The founder of Songlib.

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Generated from chord charts.

At Songlib, we are strong supporters of the Don't Repeat Yourself principle! The words are already in your chord charts, so why should you create separate slides? Now you don't have too.

  • Never manually create a slideshow again!
  • Prevent that awkward situation where you are singing different words to everybody else.
  • Customise slides using special formatting symbols in the chord chart.

The presenter strips out chords, and automatically breaks your song into slides. Don't like how your song is displayed? Well there are a few special symbols that you can add to your chord charts to make your slides look just right.

Browse & search songs

Spontaneously use a song that isn't in your setlist

No worries, you can browse & search for songs from the presenter.
New songs can be added from any device, not just the presenter.

Stop being limited by your pre-selected list of songs!

Control using Second Screen

Presenter works great on a single screen, but it really comes alive when you have multiple monitors. The presenter controller lets you preview and change slides & songs on your second screen.

You can even browse your entire song library and select any song as needed.

Most laptops will let you use dual displays when plugged into a projector.

I've used various software for church slideshows. Songlib is as good as any of them. I would be more than happy to recommend it to any church.

Daniel - Projector operator.

Control from Music Stand

You don't need to be stuck behind the projector to control the setlist. Using the "Take Control" mode, lets you control the presenter anybody following the chords.

While in control you can also change the current slide by tapping different verses.

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Control from Smart Phone

You can control the setlist from any device with a web browser. However, Songlib has a special "mobile remote" mode, that is designed as a simple controller.

  • Use any smart phone with an internet connection to change slides.
  • No need for somebody to be stuck by themselves at the back of the room changing slides.
  • Uses the phone's web browser so no installation of any apps necessary.
  • Automatically updates to display what is shown on the presenter.

Works great with Setlists

Jump quickly to any song in your setlist. There is no need to display the songs in any order.

The presenter can be used for any setlist you have created. This also allows the songs to be changed by anybody else you have shared the setlist with.

No need to "login"

Every setlist has a unique, easy to remember code. This code enables the use of Presenter without logging in (helpful when not at your own computer).

Getting started guide...

Change slides by either pressing the left & right arrow keys, clicking the slide title in the bottom right of the screen.

If using a touch device (such as an iPad) you can swipe between slides.

Change songs by clicking the menu button and selecting the next song.

If the song you want is not in the list click "browse all songs" and you can search for any song.

Go full screen by selecting your browser's "Full Screen" option. Usually this is the F11 key. If you are using a modern browser you will also find an option for this in the main menu.

Show a blank screen by selecting "blank screen" from the options menu, or by pressing the B key.