Your Private Chord Chart Library

No more messy piles of printed chord charts

Your online music stand

  • Stop printing music! Start using your iPad, phone, or computer.
  • Tested in all modern web-browsers. No software installs necessary.
  • Keep all of chord charts in one place.
  • Put your iPad on your music stand.
  • Take your library anywhere you have an internet connection.

The easiest way to manage your chord charts.

  • Unique 2-column layout
  • Edit songs using our simple, plain-text format.
  • Transpose songs, create sets, & share them with your team.
  • Automatically display lyrics on a project using the Presenter.
  • NEW Import your existing song library (Chordpro format)

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Editing made easy

Simple, quick, easy to learn, & automated

You will love entering chord charts using plain text.
Formatting is easy. All you need to know is:

  1. Chord lines start with a full stop
  2. Lyric lines start with a space
  3. And Headings are wrapped in [square brackets]

You'll never use Word to edit songs again! And if that’s not easy enough already, Songlib can do it for you.

Paste from web

We all hate pointless typing, so don't do it. If you have found a chord chart elsewhere on the internet, just copy and paste it into Songlib using the Paste from web option. Songlib will look for chords, and automatically format them for you.

Dynamic 2 column layout

Fit songs on one page - Never scroll again

Designed with iPads and netbooks in mind, Songlib’s 2-column layout dynamically changes the columns & the font size so that you can have the whole song on the screen at once.

When using your phone, Songlib automatically switches to a simple 1-column layout.

Good looking printouts

Coming soon: We have tweaked everything so that your chord charts look just as good printed as they do on the screen.  No need for PDF downloads, print from straight from your browser, and select landscape mode.

And wait... there's more!

Transpose into any key

Too high or low?  Songlib can transpose chords for you.  If you like your new key, you can save it so that it’s always in that key in the future.

Coming soon: Select different keys for different sets.

Looks great on your phone too

Everything is dynamically adjusted to look great on whatever device you are using. For example, chord charts are displayed in one column when using your phone.

Automatic slideshows.

Stop creating separate Powerpoint presentations. Don't risk singing different words to everybody else. Songlib automatically creates slides from your chord charts by stripping out the chords. Use Songlib's interactive presenter to control your slideshow.